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outlook code & form example page

id code donated by updated code type code explanation  
70 John Danson 1/24/00 VBS

Routing to fax recipients

This form allows Routing To Fax Recipients By Radio Buton Selecti on And Outputs To A Word Document Which uses VB to Route.

69 John Danson 1/24/00 VBS

Routing to fax recipients

The Form posts itself to Public Folder for review and forwards to an Attachmate 6.5 Monitoring PC, which compares mainframe and Datasheet information in order to forward mail and launch alert rules in users inbox assistants. The Password is ESP and reveals much in the way of practical validation, some of which applies 2 rules to the field criteria. Much in the way of linked fields provides a fixed length 143 character datastring for use in the automated monitoring process. The Word Document originally sat on a Network Fileserver but runs more quickly on a Workstation. You need to change the names in the page 3 of the form to reference an address and also to change the VBScript to reference real names which your client PAB or Global Address List Supports.

68 Jaime Sanchez 3/23/99 Vb

Import data from a personalized Calendar form to Access

This program in Vb import data from a personalized Calendar form to Access makes a query to get the data that are between two dates (for example: may 10 1999 and may 15 1999 )of a personalized Calendar form to Access, then the data are sent to a report (Crystal Report), so you can print the data in the way you want to look.

67 Katherine Gooding 3/24/99 vbs

Multicolumn listbox

How to use a multicolumn listbox on a form that does not have an external data source

66 scott neville 3/23/99 vbs

company-contact selector form

using an ado 2.0 standalone recordset to manipulate contact information.

65 victor ivanidze 3/2/99 vbs

internet x-header

this form allows users to add custom x-headers to outgoing internet messages.

64 thomas diem 11/24/98 vbs

forced enable macros

i found a very simple solution to force the user to open an item with the option "enable macros

63 craig hunter 11/24/98 vbs

modified search form

this form allows users to select folders to search and use recursive folder searching

62 marko wild 11/24/98 vbs

fast search form

this is the new version of the search form. because many people have asked how they can search in the public folders and how they can display the found items. it is a little bit faster and has a shorter search routine.

61 leng ho 9/20/98 vba

printing through word

many companies that are using outlook are also struggling with e-form printing. the following generic script has been used in some to satisfy some of printing form requirements in my company.

60 hollis d. paul 8/21/98 vbscript

stuffing formfields of a letter/memo

attached is a zip file that contains an example of stuffing the formfields of a letter/memo with outlook contact item data and printing it from a button on the custom contact item.

59 helen feddema 8/21/98
vbscript & vba

importing contacts from a text file into outlook

shows how to import contacts from a comma-delimited text file into an outlook contacts folder, using access as an intermediary

58 helen feddema 8/21/98

exporting calendar items to excel

shows how to export outlook calendar items to an excel

57 david lapes 8/6/98 vb

vb to extract keywords properties

ever try to extract keyword data into other applications, here's a short function, and a button to drive it.

55 helen feddema 6/24/98 vbscript

display contacts in a combo box

displays contact names or fileas fields in a combo box on an outlook form, where one can be selected for further processing

54 helen feddema 6/24/98 vbscript

find a text file and mail it

finds a text file located in one of the standard folders, and mails it as an attachment to an outlook mail message

53 helen feddema 6/24/98 vbscript

conditional field validation

shows how to apply conditional validation to a field, based on the value of another field; the code runs from the form's write event

52 helen feddema 6/2/98 vbscript

setting the date and time from code

shows how to set the date and/or time for an appointment to start from vbs code, using date/time information entered in text fields on a form.

51 helen feddema 6/2/98 vbscript

extracting an attachment from a task and mailing it

demonstrates extracting and saving an attachment from a task item and mailing it as an attachment in a new mail message.

50 helen feddema 5/24/98

vba & vbscript

exporting contacts to a mail merge document

demonstrates exporting contacts in a particular folder to a word mail merge document of the form letters type (one letter per page), with a choice of using an access table or a text file as the data source forthe mail merge document.

49 helen feddema 5/11/98


exporting contact data from access to outlook

exports contact data stored in an access table to new outlook contacts, using a dao recordset to pick up the data from the access table, and the add method of the contacts folder's items collection to create new outlook contacts. also includes buttons to create different types of outlook items, and to list the outlook folders.

48 helen feddema 5/11/98 vbscript

copying contact items to another folder

shows how to copy all items (or items filtered by category) to anotheroutlookfolder.

47 microsoft 5/02/98 vbscript

exporting outlook journal entries to a microsoft access table

this section shows how you can export information stored in an outlook journal folder into a microsoft access table. this can be useful if you are using the journal folder in outlook to keep a history of a project. you can store this information in microsoft access where you can sort and view it in several ways.

46 microsoft 5/02/98 vbscript

personalizing a presentation for a contact list

this code illustrates how you can personalize a powerpoint presentation for your outlook contacts, which can be an effective sales tool. the sample code iterates through your outlook contacts folder and copies a powerpoint presentation with a customized title slide for each contact. it then either e-mails the personalized presentation to the contact or saves the message in your inbox so that you can add text and send it later. this code can be run from a microsoft excel, word, or microsoft access module.

45 microsoft 5/02/98 vbscript

creating mailing labels from an outlook contact list using word

this code shows you how to create mailing labels from an outlook contact list using the mailmerge object in word. word recognizes a wide variety of mailing labels. these label types are identified by string names.

44 microsoft 5/02/98 vbscript

exporting a microsoft access table into an outlook contacts folder

this code shows you how to add a list of contacts, stored in a microsoft access table, to your outlook contacts folder.

43 helen feddema 5/02/98 vbscript

parsing a multi-line address

shows how to parse two address lines in a multi-line contact address into separate variables representing line 1 and line 2, for exporting to another application.

42 ziggy uszkurat 3/14/98 vbscript workaround for getaddress bug

this is a solution to the bug that prevents vba from using application.getaddress to get contacts.
41 helen feddema 3/6/98 vbscript exporting contact items to an excel worksheet

exports all the contacts from the contacts folder into an excel worksheet called contacts.xls, where each contact's information creates a new row. a few built-in fields are exported, plus one custom field, to demonstrate the syntax.
40 helen feddema 2/24/98 vba printing labels with outlook contact info from word 97

this sample has a word 97 template that uses vba code in an autonew macro to pull in all the contacts in an outlook folder called "labels", putting one address in each cell of a table sized to print on avery #5160 address labels. this is not a mail merge, but uses the add method of the items collection to iterate through the contacts in the folder, creating sheets of address labels for all the contacts in the folder.
39 helen feddema 2/24/98
vbscript exporting outlook contact info to word letters

this sample has an outlook form with three command buttons that use three different methods (docprops, bookmarks and typetext) to insert information from an outlook contact form to a new word doc based on a template, using vbscript from outlook. three word templates are included. (the vbscript code includes one custom field, to show the syntax for referencing outlook custom fields.)
38 john kesler 1/24/98 vb

access contact fields using cdo

anyone trying to read contact items with cdo 1.2 will quickly discover that contacts are not directly supported in this release, but that you can get the properties you need by using the field schema. there are a couple of "magic" bullets you need to get at the email fields (i.e. email1addrtype, email1address, etc.). specifically, you need a guid that represents the mapi propertysetid and a propertytag for the field.

37 ted waltman 1/18/98 vb

persistent database example

this example demonstrates how to create a persistent database connection using a class object encapsulated in a dll.

36 randy byrne 1/18/98 vbscript

convert a keywords type field

this code is vbscript code that allows you to convert a keywords type field (array of strings) into an array of variants.

35 hollis d. paul 11/9/97 vbscript

viewing journal items

attached is a pst for the two forms that will allow workgroups to see all the journal items made for a contact, not just the journal items of the current user as they now have it.

34 helen feddema 10/19/97

exporting outlook contact info to word letters

this code sample exports contact name and address data from an outlook custom contact item to a choice of three word templates, using either a combo box or an option group. the outlook data is stored in custom doc properties in the word document. the commondialog control is not used on the outlook form.

it requires vbscript v. 2.

33 hollis d. paul 9/20/97 vbscript select a specfic contact from all contacts.

the custom form allows the selection of a specific contact from all the items for a company in the contact folder. also attached is a text file that describes how it might be set up in a folder, and then presents a brief functional description of the various subroutines.
32 john sheffler 9/20/97 vbscript passing parameters to queries

this application connects to a .mdb via jet and passess a parameter to a stored query in outlook
31 jay b. harlow 7/27/97 vba word 97 class module to post document to folder w/o ui

attached is a word 97 class module that will post a word document to a mapi folder, without displaying a user interface. with a little effort you should be able to post any office document to a folder. also, you should be able to use this in any vba environment, for example excel 97, vb 5.0. note: in vb 5.0 you will need to use a reference to an office library (word) or the office compatible library. note: it makes use of active messaging 1.1, so you will need a reference to this library in your project.
30 randy byrne 6/20/97 vb 5.0 vb5 activex dll folder dialog example

this example illustrates the use of activex dll components created with visual basic 5.0 to display modal custom dialog boxes in outlook 97 forms
29 microsoft 6/18/97
vba microsoft word 97 outlook change message class template

the microsoft word 97 outlook change message class template is a word 97 template that uses office automation to change the message class for all items in a outlook 97 mapi folder. with outlook, you can create a new form for items such as contacts and set a contacts folder property so that all new contacts use the new form. however, old contacts will still use the old form. the template allows you to change the message class held for each item in the folder so that all existing items will use a specific custom form. in addition to contacts, this template works with other outlook item folders.
28 david goodhand &
helen feddema
vbscript update message class of a form

the reset message class form lets you change the message class (form) for items, to move your data to the new or upgraded form after making design changes.
27 mark g. wisniewski 6-7-97 visual basic automating the installation of outlook forms for off-line users
this code shows how to programmatically add a form to the forms library
26 microsoft 5-21-97 visual basic
vba, access
resolving an email name in contacts programatically

this code provides a method for resolving the contact email name through programming. the key line is the set command line. the workaround displays the form, but it is an acceptable way to overcome this limitation. a kb article should be forthcoming on this.
25 bruce winters 5-20-97 vbscript sort a combobox

this code will sort combobox. the data comes from a contact folder.
24 microsoft 5-15-97 vbscript change the sort order of the outlook address book

this code will sort the outlook address book by last name. it will also reset the order to first name if needed. the complete instructions are in a kb article at microsoft but there are some problems with the code there.
23 helen feddema 5-5-97 vbscript working with outlook folders

demonstrates finding a folder by name, wherever it is located on the folder tree.
22 don adams 4-27-97 vbscript

generating unique id's for contacts

this example demonstrates how to use vbscript 2.0 to do the following:

  • acquire a unique contact id number from an odbc datasource
  • fill a list box from an odbc datasource
  • fill a combobox from an odbc datasource
  • populate a keywords field from a listbox
  • validate data using an odbc datasource
  • add data to an odbc datasource
  • use the property change event
21 helen feddema 4-19-97 vbscript filling an outlook combo box or list box from an access table

fills a combo box or list box on an outlook form from code, pulling data from the categories and customers tables in the sample northwind database provided with access.
19 helen feddema 3/26/97
vbscript open an excel spreadsheet

this sample includes an outlook form and an excel worksheet, demonstrating how to open a worksheet from a command button on the outlook form.
18 mort o'sullivan & scott giese 3-24-97 vbscript working with the fileas field

how to set the fileas field to something more useful.
17 helen feddema 3-24-97
vbscript importing access data into outlook contact items

imports data from a table in an access database, and uses the data to create contact items in an outlook folder. shows the syntax for both standard and custom outlook fields
16 helen feddema 3-24-97
vbscript export outlook contact data to an access table

demonstrates exporting outlook contacts to an access database, and printing an access report listing them. shows the syntax for both standard and custom outlook fields.
15 jay b. harlow [mvp] 3-15-97 vba finding a folder

code that will allow you to find a folder by name.
14 helen feddema 3/6/98
vbscript work with the restrict clause

this sample includes two outlook forms demonstrating the use of the restrict clause to select items from another folder and display them in a listbox on a page of the form
13 helen feddema 3-8-97 vba pull outlook contact data into word letters

this sample includes two word 97 templates with autonew macros that pick up basic contact information from the currently open contact item in outlook, and paste it to either bookmarks or custom doc properties in the new word document created from the template. includes a discussion of the relative merits of bookmarks and custom doc properties
12 randy byrne [mvp] 2-21-97 vbscript filling a listbox

improved example of the listbox vbscript example template that illustrates working with a listbox in outlook vbscript. demonstrates using the list property and selected property.
11 david goodhand 2-21-97 vbscript more vbscript examples

adds the user name and date to the message body when the user either clicks a button, or when the form is saved
10 jay b. harlow [mvp] 2-21-97 vbscript form setup to display company information only. gobutton.gif
9 jay b. harlow [mvp] 2-21-97 vba general code snippets gobutton.gif
8 brent harris 2-21-97 vbscript reading and writing an access database gobutton.gif
7 helen feddema 3/6/98
vbscript write outlook contact data to an access table

this code sample includes an outlook form and an access database; the code writes most of the standard outlook fields from the current contact item to a new row in a table in the access database.
6 helen feddema 3/6/98
vbscript select a word template for merging outlook contact data to a letter

this sample includes an outlook form and a word template. it demonstrates use of a windows commondialog control to open a dialog where you can choose a word template to use for creating a new letter using name/address data from the current contact.
5 helen feddema 3/6/98
vbscript change contact items to another form using item.add

this sample includes an outlook form with a procedure running from a command button which takes data from contact items in a folder and produces new contact items from a form of your choice. the new items are placed in another folder. you should use the method in code sample #28 first; use this only in the rare cases where that method doesn't work.
4 anonymous 2-22-97 visual basic update the class of a form using visual basic gobutton.gif
3 anonymous 2-22-97 visual basic access outook from visual basic gobutton.gif
2 microsoft 2-22-97 visual basic using active messaging from visual basic gobutton.gif
1 microsoft 2-22-97 visual basic lots of programming examples using ole messaging from visual basic gobutton.gif
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